Sur Ron LightBee

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    Open up new opportunities and experience the ultimate thrill with the Light Bee electric motorbike from Sur-Ron. Lightweight and powerful, it easily handles off-road terrain with a top speed of approx. 72 km/h and climbs gradients of 46°. In addition, for those who like extreme conditions, the new Chevrolet can be used to perform a number of trick or drifting tricks. Show your true self with the unique style of this bright, predatory and hardy electric bike.


    • Lightweight and sturdy special design frame
    • Hydraulic brake system
    • Maximum range up to 100km (at 20km/h)
    • 1295 Wh Wh battery, fast charger
    • Water and dust protection class IP65

    Powerful heart

    For the Light Bee, Sur-Ron developed a special system consisting of a 3000W air-cooled motor. Together with a two-speed transmission, this gives the bike a high performance. In particular, the motor can operate at very high revs, making efficient use of the input power and ensuring the required wheel speed with little engine heat.

    Special lightweight design

    The frame is forged from aluminium alloy by a hydraulic press. Thanks to the ingenious design, its total weight is only about 8 kilograms. At the same time, it is strong enough to withstand jumps and pretty hard landings. A full suspension with an inverted fork in the front and a mono shock absorber at the rear contribute to this.

    Perfect control of speed and manoeuvrability

    The Sur-Ron Light Bee is at home in the city and out of town. The sophisticated ergonomics of every detail of the machine makes handling easy and gives full control on the road. The electric bike is fitted with 24-inch wheels and hydraulic disc brakes. Special off-road tyres provide the best grip and the LCD display with negative light allows speed and mileage data to be viewed clearly, even under bright daylight.

    Powerful battery

    Total battery capacity is 1,295Wh. This gives the electric bike nearly 100 km of range (at 20 km/h). The battery is packaged in a robust case which is durable and can be removed from the frame to be recharged at home using a conventional power socket. And the IP65 rating means the bike is rain, mud and snow proof.

    Charging it safely

    The battery of this dirt bike is pre-charged from efficient cells and is controlled by a powerful BMS (Battery Management System). It is protected against short circuits, overcharging and discharging, overheating, overvoltage and other dangerous situations. Most conveniently, the user can determine the duration of the process himself, choosing between normal and fast charging.

    About The Dealer


    Sur-Ron Motors

    (5 Reviews)

    Very nice friendly staff working there. Friend of mine was looking for an electric moped to buy. We received very deep details about whole process of buying, finance possibilities.

    You can check battery condition of each unit you potentially would like to buy. I would definitely recommend place for locals who want to buy popular electric moped models.

    Vespa Motors
    (5 Reviews)
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