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The science of scooter riding — how to protect yourself?

Currently, the scooter is one of the most popular vehicles for moving around a crowded city. It cannot be denied that scooter parts that are cheap and reliable, as well as economic considerations, make people choose this mode of transport.

If you are also a fan of scooters, especially electric scooters, and would like to buy them, but have never ridden such a bike, read the following text. We have included the most important elements to look out for when learning to drive.

It is not known whether the first moments of riding a scooter will be safe and surprising for us, a lot depends on us. Research shows that most scooter accidents happen when they first ride a two-wheeled vehicle. Therefore, before the first trip, it is recommended to prepare well both physically and mentally.

If you thought from the very beginning that if you know how to ride a bike, you can do it on a scooter, then you were wrong. They are two different cars. The scooter is not only heavier, but also has a different power than a bicycle on which you control your own muscles. These two features should give you food for thought. If you fall on a bike, at best, break your knee, if you fall off a scooter, you will have great consequences — not only material, but also health. Think about it — why are so many young people getting into scooter accidents? Their reason is the belief that this car is easy to drive. It turns out that problems can begin literally a few meters away or at the first turn.