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Electric scooters

The school year makes it necessary to reorganize our work and our habits. Today, instead of sending a teenage child to school by bus, it is better to offer them a walk or scooter as an individual means of transportation. What if it's a little further to school?

For this there is a tip - your own electric scooter.

Switching from public transport to your own scooter offers several benefits. First of all, social isolation, which is so persistently promoted by the Ministry of Health.

The distance we keep from other road users is much greater than, for example, bicycles. This can be seen when standing at a traffic light in a big city. Not to mention the crowds on buses and fellow travelers who don't always honor the obligation to cover their nose and mouth. When using an electric scooter, the only "contact" you need is the socket.

Another important aspect is the independence for which today's teenagers are so desperately fighting. They will only be limited by the schedule and the range of the charged battery. It is enough to charge the scooter at home, which is a negligible expense, and no refueling.

Theft of scooters, unfortunately, is a disaster of our time. Fortunately, the electric scooter weighs a little more than a bicycle, and in addition, the built-in alarm clock will scare off the thief even before he has time to look at it. If, nevertheless, you are afraid that someone might need it, invest, for example, in an additional chain with an alarm. You can store it in a compartment under the sofa and use it when needed.